You HAVE TO or you CAN do...

Tudjátok mit utálok, hogy soha nem csinálhatunk semmit csak azért, mert éppen azt akarjuk.

does ppl who can do what they want are very lucky. Under 6 you don't know anything about this world in the Elementary school discover your society, start making dreams, you are exciting about the High school. You think there, everything will change, waiting to reach 18, when you will be adult.... Choosing College or University... and somewhere in the twenty-something you will realise that you just slipped - away with the mean stream, in the last 16 years you didn't do anything just studying. In the exam period you are not dare to pick up a book from the shelf because you have to study!!!! You don't want to wasting your time with those things what are not important at that time...

When we can do what we want? Or till when?

This is why is important to choose a job what you really enjoy, those person who found that are very lucky...

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Winter NatCo

... winter natco is coming. Wow, especially in one day! I am so excited about it. I know that the things not happens occasionally and everything have a reason. In" twenty" :-) years you look back and realize WHY... but sometimes I feel I am not able to stand another NO... Yeah, maybe i am not in the right direction but... than I want to know where should I go!

So, lets see...

AIESEC Hungary will rock!!!!!

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A little thinking

...what do you think? Have everything a reason in the lifeor thing happen just by accident? And are there signs? Or we just select some moments from our life which can make us think and we started to tell to ourselves that it is a sign? But in any case if we think about something that it is a sign for something it means that THAT something is IMPORTANT to us, so we have to take care about."Az életben semmi sem véletlen!"

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Külker Start Camp

I just came home from Start Camp organized by Külker LC and I have to tell, that it was amaizing. I was the chair in the camp and what I saw: many motivated people who really understand what AIESEC is all about. The atmosphere was really cool. They create a very good recruitment process and I hope they will attract a lot of good people.
So i felt myself very good and I am so motivated now, because I had seen how can I help to an LC just to be there and talking them.
I love you guys so much! And thank you for invite me! :-)

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Please enjoy my moments in my pink life!!
Lets read this blog every month if you are interested about what happening with the little Boca in the Big world! :-)

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